Support to the National Authorising Officer of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Given the increasing need to encourage sustainable economic growth in the light of changing dynamics of bot the national economy and particularly of rural people’s lives and livelihoods, the Government is committed to improving the efficiency in which EU grant funds are programmed and implemented. To this end allocation has been made from the 10th European Development Fund (EDF) for Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). This allocation is intended to strengthen the National Authorising Officer’s (NAO) Unit to ensure the efficient management of the partnership programme between the European Union (EU) and SVG.

The Central Planning Division (CPD), located in the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, has responsibility for the inter-ministerial coordination of planning and development activities as one of its core functions. The CPD, and by extension the Office of the NAO, is instrumental in ensuring as far as possible that there is effective aid delivery. This is geared towards increased economic growth, job creation and poverty reduction. Additionally, achieving the MDGs is also of great importance.

The overall development objective of the programme is to enhance the EU-SVG partnership through effective policy dialogue, communication and management of financial resources in support of the implementation of the Government’s development strategies and policies. The purpose of this intervention is to strengthen the NAO Support Unit to ensure the efficient management of the partnership between the EU and SVG.

The operational period of the Financing Agreement is 54 months, beginning 20th February, 2012 and ending 19th August, 2016. This programme estimate has a 12 month operational period, which begins 19th March, 2013 and ends 18th march, 2014. The budget for this programme estimate is Euro 364, 647. 24.

The expected results from the activities carried out over by the current programme estimate are:

  1. Enhanced human resources capacity for the implementation of EU development cooperation.
  2. Strengthened management system for results-based management.
  3. Project, policy and programme implementers have enhanced capacity to programme and manage the EU-SVG cooperation programme.
  4. The general public is informed about various dimensions of the partnership between the EU and SVG.
  5. The NAO’s Support Unit is progressively a catalyst for improved aid effectiveness.