What do we do?

The EDF/PMCU provides assistance to Ministries and Project Implementation Units (PIUs) in the management of and implementation of projects and programmes. Assistance range from advice at project steering committee meetings to preparing Terms of Reference (TORs), tender dossiers for Service, Works and Supply Contract and Work Programmes (WP) and facilitation of the related tender processes. Assistance is also given to line Ministries in the preparation of project proposals. The work of the Unit involves site visits to projects and attending the various site meetings and missions to the EU Delegation. The Unit provides assistance in the preparation and completion of Contract documents. In addition, the Unit assists with contract administration and procurement management.

The Unit is responsible for monitoring all project accounts as well as facilitating expenditure audits by external Auditors. Support is given to the various projects/NGOs by working along with them to facilitate more accurate, timely and efficient reporting. All projects’ reports are reviewed and where necessary, forwarded to the EU Delegation in Barbados for their information and processing.

Missions of the EU Delegation, based in Barbados, normally visit St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The Unit provides support services for these Missions.